Slowed Down By Fragmented Processes?

Let our Process Transformation & Optimization eliminate friction,accelerate performance
and standardize your back-office functions like Procurement, Supply Chain, HR, Finance and more.

Don't Let Your Data Go to Waste

Realize the transformative power of Gen AI and Machine Learning with Statxo's advanced analytics solutions.
Turn your data into a competitive advantage driving quantifiable business value.

Seeking Actionable Insights for Strategic Advantage?

Statxo's Strategic Intelligence & Advisory (SI&A) Solutions, powered by a unique blend of human expertise and generative AI,
equip you with in-depth market and industry insights, trend analysis, and strategic recommendations to drive informed
decision-making and fuel business growth.

Drowning in Procurement Data?

Let our Procurement & Supply Chain Transformation reveal invisible insights to drive smarter spending decisions,
identify savings and reduce supply chain risks.

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Transform Data into Decisive Action
and Tangible Outcomes

Accelerate Data-Driven
Decision Making

Rapidly process millions of data points with our AI-powered platforms to surface timely insights and confidently act faster than the competition. 

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Map Your Competitive Position

Visualize your precise positioning against competitors and industry shifts to anticipate market needs and identify new opportunities early using our advanced analytics. 

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Optimize Profit Drivers

Pinpoint optimization opportunities across sales, pricing inventory, sourcing, and operations based on granular internal & external benchmark data analysis. 

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Target High-Potential Opportunities

Our data scientists and industry experts help you focus on the highest potential new business opportunities and revenue streams revealed by the data.

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Harness the potential of intelligent
Procurement for your business

Case  Studies

Discover how we've delivered impactful solutions for businesses just like yours

Unlocking new savings through machine learning 

Learn how we transformed spend for a global automotive leader managing over €5B spend, 8M+ transactions yearly across 40K+ suppliers and 15 locations - unlocking new savings through machine learning. 


Streamlined complex processes

Learn how we across finance, HR, IT and procurement for a billion-dollar construction leader, driving efficiency and significant cost savings. 


Empowered an F&B giant to master profitable growth

Know how we empowered an F&B giant to master profitable growth through predictive insights and expertise in navigating 80+ volatile global commodity markets.


Accelerate growth and innovation

Enabled a pharmaceutical devices leader to with automated competitive, clinical, and customer intelligence through advanced AI and machine learning.


Customized  Capabilities

Discover personalized solutions fueling your objectives

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Process Transformation & Optimization

Tired of Inefficient Processes Draining Your Resources?

Our experts use advanced analytics, including AI-powered Market Intelligence and Analytics, to optimize your critical business processes from start to finish.

Boost Efficiency Now
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Intelligent Supply Chain Analytics 

Making Critical Calls Without Enough Insight? 

Manage your supply chain confidently with 360° visibility and AI-powered predictive insights from our intelligent
analytics solution.

Master Your Supply Chain 
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Strategic Market Intelligence 

Playing Catch-Up in a Dynamic Market? 

Stop reacting and start leading strategic moves in your market
with our AI-powered intelligence solution revealing trends, innovations and growth opportunities ahead of the curve. 

Own Your Industry 
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Analytics for Accelerated Growth 

Growing Too Slowly While Competitors Sprint Ahead? 

Fuel faster revenue growth, operational efficiency and sustained competitive advantage with our advanced analytics solutions unlocking your full business potential. 

 Analyze to Accelerate

The   STATXO   Difference


Global Experience

With partnerships spanning 10+ industries and Fortune 500 companies worldwide, we bring unparalleled global experience.

Expertise Ensemble

Our multidisciplinary team comprises expert data engineers, architects, data scientists, developers and procurement strategists.

Proven Trust

Our 90% client retention rate demonstrates an unwavering commitment to quality solutions and lasting impact.

Cutting-Edge Arsenal

We wield leading-edge technologies, continuously evaluating and optimizing our tool stack to deliver transformative outcomes.

Agile Frameworks

Our flexible, agile solution frameworks enable seamless integration and rapid adaptation to evolving needs.

Measurable Value

Our solutions provide quantifiable returns through validated cost savings, productivity gains and revenue uplift.


STATXO leverages domain expertise and advanced analytics including AI to empower businesses across four main.

Our People

At STATXO, our people are our greatest asset. Our team combines domain expertise across industries with prowess.

Careers at STATXO 

Join our talented team of analysts, data scientists and more as we continue disrupting businesses worldwide through.


Insights & Articles