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Advanced Analytics

In-depth Multi-Sector Experience

Delivered 2700+ advanced analytics projects across business functions – Procurement & Supply Chain, Sales & Marketing and Finance in 10+ sectors globally

Agile & Automated Approach

Faster at adapting change and bring in new tools & technology (use ML/ AI for automation) depending upon complexity for effective project execution.

Fast ROI

Less time crunching data & reports, better & faster decisions with measurable outcomes

Domain Expertise + Data Science Approach

Blend domain expertise with advanced analytical skills to bring executable value for our clients. Our use of sophisticated tools, simulation techniques, machine learning & deep learning algorithms help in tackling any challenges related to data, forecasting and visualization

Who we work with

4 of the leading 10 Packaging Companies

3 of the top global Cosmetic Companies

3 of top 5 Automotive Companies

2 of Industrial Automation

3 Mid-size and 2 Large size Construction companies

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