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We have over 7+ years of experience working with capital markets and commercial, retail and investment banks. We’ve channeled that knowledge into helping our clients stay relevant, competitive and compliant.

Key Solution

  • Market Intelligence

    Gain valuable insights into market dynamic & growth opportunities, consumer behavior, best practices, trends & regulations and understand the impact of emerging trends and disruptions and maintain excellent competitive foresight.

      Key Competencies:
    • Market Sizing
    • Market Opportunity Analysis
    • Demand Analysis
    • Industry Insights & Best Practices
    • Customer Analysis
    • Sales Enablement & BD Support
    • Due Diligence and M&A Support
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  • Competitive Intelligence

    Get 360-degree intelligence on your competitors related to products & services, pricing, recent moves to mitigate any competitive threats, gain a competitive edge over counterparts, evaluate and capture new markets, identify potential competitors, their strategies and benchmark their strengths.

    Our solutions are tailored to help you understand your relative position against your competitors

      Key Competencies:
    • Competitor Profiling
    • Competitor Performance Tracking
    • Product & Service Portfolio Assessment & Benchmarking
    • Peer Benchmarking
    • Competitor Score-carding
    • Battle Cards
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  • Procurement & Supply Chain Intelligence

    Our combination of deep functional expertise with advanced analytics help clients to design strong & sustainable strategic sourcing & supply chain approaches to provide immediate impact on top-line and bottom-line. Also, help clients to find improvement opportunities in the supply chain and accelerate the decision-making process.

      Key Competencies:
    • Category Excellence
    • Supplier Identification & Profiling
    • Supplier Benchmarking
    • Supplier Risk Monitoring
    • Commodity Price Tracking & Forecasting
    • Cost Structure Analysis
    • Spend Reporting & Analytics
    • Tail Spend Assessment & Management
    • E-Sourcing (RFX Process Management and e-Auctions)
    • Supply Chain Analytics
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  • Advanced Analytics

    Help clients with our innovative approach of using statistical tools & technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Real-time Data Ingestion, Natural Language Processing and others to simplify complex problems, glean actionable insights and transform them into data driven decision-making enterprise.

      Key Competencies:
    • Marketing & Customer Analytics
    • Pricing Analytics
    • Procurement Analytics
    • Demand Planning & Optimization
    • Inventory Planning
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  • Data Engineering & Visualization

    Align your big data journey with business objectives using our customized data engineering & visualization solutions. With growing volume, velocity, and variety of data, our approach with effective aggregation, integration, validation, and gleaning techniques uncover relevant insights in real time.

    Customized dashboards and reporting tools give a holistic view of the all data across various departments on demand forecasting, pricing analysis, what if analysis, network optimization and portfolio analysis. This brings about a high-degree of business insights for our clients.

      Key Competencies:
    • Big Data Engineering
    • Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing
    • Financial Reporting & BI Dashboards
    • HR Dashboards
    • Marketing Dashboards
    • Sales Dashboards
    • Spend Reporting
    • Supplier Scorecards
    • Competitor Scorecards
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