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What we provide

  • Market Sizing

    Advanced analytical tools and techniques to estimate the size and volume of the client’s market
  • Market Opportunity Analysis

    Identify the potential of a business opportunity by adopting intuitive approaches of market research.
  • Demand-Supply analysis

    Analyzing niche market, buyer & supplier behavior, customer demand all of which are key to demand supply analysis
  • Industry Insights & Best Practices

    Gain a fresh perspective towards the industry and established Industry Best Practices that help deliver the best results for the business
  • Customer Analysis

    Adopt the best analytical tools for defining the target market which forms the basis for analyzing the customer base and techniques of reaching out to them
  • Sales Enablement & BD Support

    Modularized solution delivered with an ‘Activity Support’ approach spanning across Sales Lifecycle – starting from opportunity identification to lead generation
  • Due Diligence and M&A Support

    Multi-disciplinary & integrated approach to support deal decision making – starts from target screening to detailed due diligence
  • Innovation Intelligence & Technology Scouting

    Identify innovation white-space, scout for innovations, benchmark R&D strategies of competitors through our data-driven innovation solutions that opens new business opportunities, collaborations & partnerships


In-depth Multi-Sector Experience

Our team has experience in delivering 5,000+ research & analytics projects, spanning 8+ sectors in 40+ countries

Customized Research Approach

Market research conducted using only reliable sources of information via secondary, primary, paid databases and expert consultations to deliver actionable insights

Automated Data Extraction & Cleansing

Leverage high-end tools to extract data from 10,000+ sources and cleanse for providing timely insights

Interactive Visualization

Insights delivered through customized & interactive dashboards, which can be accessed On-the-Go

MI Framework

Using Internal & External Sources for a 360 degree Market Intelligence

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