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Market Intelligence Solutions We Provide

Market Sizing

Advanced analytical tools and techniques to estimate the size and volume of the client’s market

Market Opportunity Analysis

Identify the potential of a business opportunity by adopting intuitive approaches of market research

Demand-Supply analysis

Analyzing niche market, buyer & supplier behavior, customer demand all of which are key to demand supply analysis

Industry Insights & Best Practices

Gain a fresh perspective towards the industry and established Industry Best Practices that help deliver the best results for the business

Customer Analysis

Adopt the best analytical tools for defining the target market which forms the basis for analyzing the customer base and techniques of reaching out to them


Sales Enablement & BD Support

Modularized solution delivered with an ‘Activity Support’ approach spanning across Sales Lifecycle – starting from opportunity identification to lead generation


Due Diligence and M&A Support

Multi-disciplinary & integrated approach to support deal decision making – starts from target screening to detailed due diligence


Innovation Intelligence & Technology Scouting

Identify innovation white-space, scout for innovations, benchmark R&D strategies of competitors through our data-driven innovation solutions that opens new business opportunities, collaborations & partnerships

Why Choose STATXO as Your Market Intelligence Solution Provider?

In-depth Multi-Sector Experience

Our team has experience in delivering 5000+ research & analytics projects, spanning 8+ sectors in 40+ countries

Customized Research Approach

Market research conducted using only reliable sources of information via secondary, primary, paid databases and expert consultations to deliver actionable insights

Automated Data Extraction & Cleansing

Leverage high-end tools to extract data from 10,000+ sources and cleanse for providing timely insights

Interactive Visualization

Insights delivered through customized & interactive dashboards, which can be accessed On-the-Go

Comprehensive MI Framework: Integrating Internal Data with External Market Insights

Using Internal & External Sources for a 360 degree Market Intelligence

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