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What we provide

  • Competitor Profiling

    Harness competitors’ financial, operational & sustainability related data to generate valuable insights
  • Competitor Performance Tracking

    Real-time monitoring of competitors to track their recent strategic moves
  • Product & Service Portfolio Assessment & Benchmarking

    Benchmark your product and service portfolio with your competitors to make sure it aligns with market changes and you maintain the competitive advantage
  • Peer Benchmarking

    Comparison of direct & in-direct peers using analytical frameworks
  • Competitor Score-carding

    Visualizing the strength & weaknesses by supplementing qualitative insights through quantifiable KPIs
  • Battle Cards

    Comprehensive view of competitor’s business, products, services and other metrics to measure and manage competitive threats
  • Digital Maturity Assessment Intelligence

    Assess your competitors against our six-factor digital maturity model to uncover key areas of opportunities & risk using our advanced analytics tools & platforms
  • ESG & Sustainability Intelligence

    Assess your ESG maturity in comparison to competitors and accelerate your sustainability strategy development & decision-making using our data driven insights with efficiency of digital platforms


In-depth Multi-Sector Experience

Team experience in conducting 1,500+ competitive intelligence projects (covered 50,000+ companies) across multiple sectors in both niche and global markets

Research using Automated Tools

Data gathered & analyzed using automated tools (based on Robotic Process Automation/ Machine Learning frameworks) – access 10000+ different sources – competitor websites, paid databases, annual reports, industry associations, news portals and others

Use of Customized Frameworks & Metrics

Comparison and analysis of competitors using customized frameworks/ metrics – SWOT, threat index, win-loss analysis, battle cards, pricing & customer segment mapping, channel assessment etc.

Interactive Visualization

Detailed view of competitor performance, strengths and weakness via KPI dashboards and reports, which can be accessed On-the-Go

CI Framework

Approach to Provide In-depth Visibility on Competitive Landscape

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