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Automotive Industry

Rapid changes in the automotive industry triggered by development in emerging markets, the rise of new technologies, sustainability practices, and changing consumer preferences are giving rise to technology-driven trends – EV Adoption, Autonomous driving, IOT-based cars, Diverse mobility, 3D Printing Usage.



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ESG Solution Framework

Inconsistency, infrequent reporting, unstructured, unreliability, and non-actionable data challenges require ESG parameters to track. Check out STATXO’s Integrated ESG Solutions framework encompassing a sophisticated methodology using AI-powered News monitoring on Markets, Competitors & Suppliers + Advanced Analytics.


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Telecommunication Industry

AI and ML are a must for improving customer service, enhancing digital transformation, and predictive maintenance in operation as the telecommunications industry is going through a revolution sparked by 5G Networks, Wi-Fi 6E, Cloud Computing, Edge Computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Cybersecurity. Check out STATXO’s latest teaser to see how key trends influence the global telecommunications industry.

Chemical Industry

Swift transformation triggered by sustainability, digitalization & technology, high growth in key end markets, dynamic customer preferences, and niche opportunities with higher growth in Chemical Industry are resulting in the development of an ecosystem, investment of higher capital, overall integration of inbound & outbound supply chain & support activities, creation of deep customer-centric approaches, and realignment of the asset portfolio. Check out STATXO’s latest teaser to see how key trends influence the global chemical industry.

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