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Procurement & Supply Chain Intelligence


Market Research and Analytics projects completed across 40 countries

Automated Business Intelligence

Sourcing strategy – Track suppliers, Spend Analytics and savings Tracking

Ensure Business Continuity

Keep prices in check, avoid cost overruns, ensure compliance, meet sustainability goals & proactively mitigate risks.

Business First Approach

Advanced analytics, ML and Procurement knowledge combined to capitalize on the power of internal and external data for strategic and tactical

Effective Supplier Management

Gain 360° view of your strategic relationships via Supplier Performance Assessment & Risk Assessment – Financial, Operational & Sustainability


Engagement models to suits your business requirements.

Who we work with

3 of the top 10 telecom companies globally

1 of the 6 oil and gas supermajors in Europe

3 of top 10  global Industrial goods companies

2 of the top 15 global automotive companies


3 of the top consumer goods & packaging companies in Europe

1 of the top 5 major pump manufacturers globally

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